Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lucky Birds

During Lena's recent trip to the outdoor education class on animal tracking, the teacher talked quite a bit about birds that winter over.

One idea the teacher gave was making an ice ring bird feeder.

1.  Place leftover fruit rinds, seeds, and nuts into a bundt cake pan.
2.  Pour in water
3.  Freeze overnight
4.  Hang outside

As the weather warms, the birds can chip away at the ice ring and release the food. 

With our recent snow, we're anxious to see the birds take advantage of this frozen buffet!

Check out this recent homeschoolin' Mama's post on The Great Backyard Bird Count to jump in on some bird lovin action!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lena call me and let me know which fruit the birds like best. Maybe you can help me make a fruit wreath when you come visit me. Love, Nene
Jack - love the boat and it looks like an exciting week of study again on Scout Road. Love, Nene