Monday, March 8, 2010

All About Me!

"It's all about me," has been the common refrain in our house for the past two weeks. We started celebrating my birthday early, and we celebrated hard!!  Lots of eating out, lots of sugar, and many fun things to do and now I think I'm done! It feels good to celebrate so quickly and furiously that we've gotten it all out of our systems until the next slew of birthdays come along (oh, May).

I meant to take more (and better) pictures of the partying over the weekend, but was just happy enough to be in the moment and so I'll have to rely on my ol' brain when I want to recall how I celebrated 36.

So, friends and family; thanks for the well wishes, and the Buca, and the concert, and the walks, and the pie, and the presents, and the cards, and the necklace, and the handmade gifts, and the hugs, and the kisses!

And now, after one more from G.Love... back to the regularly scheduled program!!

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