Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Natural Disasters!!

Our ocean topic of study this week is: TSUNAMI!! Why has Jackson picked such terrifying topics?? Again, I'll reiterate my position that he's talking himself OUT of being a scuba diver some day! Here is one youtube video we've all been fascinated with. How does it end???

Nonetheless, tsunamis are a fascinating and timely topic of study. We've read lots of good informational books and found several cool government websites with information and activities appropriate for kids.

Another natural disaster occurring this week in our home: MY 36th BIRTHDAY! How did this happen? I do not know...birthdays are becoming less fun each year, despite the fact that celebrating them is becoming much more fun!
I'll share a picture of the cookware I recently purchased for my birthday present. Lame, I know, but despite treating it with kid gloves, I figure I better take pictures while it's still brand new! I got it through of all places. The stainless steel tri-ply set was even on sale when I bought it and shipping was free to our local store. It was rated really well by (which has a 14 day trial membership so you can look up some of their "consumer report" style findings without subscribing).
So, that's it for the natural disasters running in our house this week! The big kids and I are off to a play in Milwaukee today with Lena's school and Paul is home with PJ. He's running a bit of a fever today, so lift a prayer up for him (and Paul caring for him, too!)

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emilywarken said...

I think I just bought those same pots and pans. Food network? They are my only consolation to the fact that I always burn rice. Happy Birthday Friend! Em