Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Day Late

I have been trying to post on M/W/F...more as a rule of thumb for me. I am a creature of habit!  Otherwise,

I probably wouldn't be as regular about recording. I enjoy thinking ahead a few days about things I think might be fun to have a record of, whether written or photo or both. It helps me to be more thorough in our study if I know I'll post about it!! Also, helps me to remember to bring the camera...though its indoor flash is woefully dim for blogging.
So, last Friday, we grabbed some homeschoolin' friends and headed into our own back yard. We were adventurers for sure, as the wind whipped us from building to building! But once inside, we had fun.

We checked out animals. Amphibians and turtles were the favorites of my kids. 


We learned some interesting facts about the human body.

We snacked on hot cocoa and whatever was found in our cupboards.

We played some foosball, carpet ball, and pool.

It was a good learning adventure out in the morning so that we felt excited to take it easy on a cold, Friday afternoon.

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