Friday, May 7, 2010

Pajama Day

A great pajama day leads to a quiet Friday Night Movie Night....

Usually I'm a stickler about the kids not coming down the stairs until they are dressed.  From the beginning of time it seems (or almost 8 years), I go up in the morning 15 minutes or so after the big kids alarm goes off.  They can read in bed until I come up, but NOT COME DOWN THE STAIRS!  It has just always seemed easier to me to get them dressed and ready for their day rather than chasing or hollering them back up there every morning to dress.  It works really well.  It has become just what we do, not a chore or a task.

Anyway, every few months, we all just need a "Pajam-y Day", ya know!  So this rainy cold day was a good one to choose. 

We'd done a lot of running and activities this week and so it was a good day to hunker down.


After breakfast, the kids got down to some cooperative, imaginative play together, so I let them go.  Usually, we do breakfast, chores, and table work.  Again, it's just the pattern we've worked ourselves into and I think helps prevent a lot of following up from me where nagging ensues.  After an hour, though, Jack wandered back to school, then chores, silent reading, then on to his hour of media (today he picked gameboy).  Lunch time brought grilled cheese (something warm) and then we snuggled and read on the couches once PJ was in bed.  Jack played a few rounds of hide and seek with Lena and then the three of us played Monopoly. 

We went out to dinner for my Mom's Day (thanks in part to Nene) and had a really nice relaxing dinner (thanks in part to PJ's love of WHOLE bananas and french fries). 

And at least here we are at Friday Night Movie Night and ta da...back to our jammies!

Happy Mom's Day to all my special ladies out there!!

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