Monday, July 5, 2010

who's schoolhouse?

I have thoughts float by the window in my brain every day about blogging ideas.  None, however, relate to homeschooling.  So, if you're stopping by to see any insight or excitement about schooling, sorry to disappoint.  We are on summer break, you know!

However, now that we're full on into summer and have completed no less than 11 (Disney, Up North, library reading program, swimming at Grandma's, parade, zoo, swimming at lake, fireworks, s'mores, playdates, & shrinky dinks at the craft shop) of our BIG IDEAS from previously posted summer ideas chart, it's time to share what I'm fixin' to work on.

It seems we find ourselves home based for a few weeks, so I made myself a list (yes, I love a good list).  Ready, take a breath..... hang pics & curtains in upstairs hall, sew downstairs bathroom curtain, paint laundry room a really shocking color, woodchip in flower beds outside, make Jack a patches quilt, organize pictures, buy new kitchen table and chairs, make scrapbook of Disney, write the kids birthday letters from May, make a few home videos (ones that include Lena & PJ, too), finally, finally, finish off all three baby books since we're now well into toddler hood with our last bundle of joy.  I am totally psyched and excited to get started on this list!  Wish me luck!

And, just so you know, though it's not on the list, thoughts of fall and schooling are always floating by that window in my brain.  I usually open the window just long enough to write these thoughts down and file under "Things to Do in August".

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Anonymous said...

I do wish you luck and what does get done this time can be put on the next list:) Janenne