Monday, August 9, 2010


Jack took up journaling while he was at camp this week. This is so funny to me! I got me thinking…is this what boys do in a world without video games???? I was sorting his laundry (read: dumping the contents of his duffel into the washer, including the duffel bag itself) when I found a notebook he took with some journaling. In an effort to right now establish that I will be a parent who peruses my children’s secret notebooks and drawers, I open this writing for your enjoyment as well!  I tried to stay true to the amount of exclamation points!

Day 1 Part 2  We had a good lunch and dinner.  We like to annoy the other group!  We stay up til 9:00!!!  And we have more plans for tomorrow.

Good Day Day 2 Part 1 This morning I had fun today!!! We went tot he game room.  Have to go bye!  Day 1  I have had fun since I got here.  We went to craft shop today.  We went swimming at 12.  And we are going to the climbing tower.
Day Part 3  We had a good day today.  Swimming was fun.  We had a blast.  Tomorrow we will have a campfire and go to the game room for sure.  See you tomorrow diary!!!
See ya next year!


d.n.williamson said...

LOVE it! I've been finding Peyton's writings too and am cracking up at her spelling. One day she was spying on all of us and documenting what we were doing.

Anonymous said...

It is always so nice to know that he is having fun!!!!! What a wonderful kid and the smile says it all in the picture. Janenne