Monday, January 10, 2011


In an attempt to share with you small things that make a big difference in the life of one Mama, here it is a...


 Lena received a Michael's gift card for Christmas.  Yesterday after church, we made that shopping trip into a girl's date and spent the afternoon shopping until we were ready to eat and then shopping some more! 
We happened upon the craft store during a 20% everything in the store sale, so we were both pretty excited.  I told her probably buying 5 things would use up the bulk of the gift card, but as we tallied up her purchases, she ended up with a few big ticket items and half dozen dollar type crafts. 

She's already puttered through most of the dollar crafts (ahem, while her folks watched the Packer game) but today we've been experimenting with some of the aforementioned big tix items! 

One item was a LOW HEAT GLUE GUN!  What kid likes to be in mid-craft when their parent grabs the most fun part (gluing!!!) and finishes up the project.

Now little Lena is in charge as she happily glues intended and unintended pieces of fabric, string, buttons, fingers, and whatever else together!!

Um, yes, though, it still does sting on the gluing fingers together part, but the recovery time is minimal compared to those third degree burns I've received with the regular high heat glue gun.

Craft away, you merry makers!!

Photos by Jackson (as if you couldn't tell by this expression on Lena's face...."take the picture already"!!)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you two must of had together. I love Lena's project on so many levels. She shopped and bought what she wanted, she is so crafty, and she really enjoys creating. What a treat for us all to see. Love, Janenne