Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Constitution of House

We've recently been reading about and discussing the American Revolution as well as the Constitution.  With all the talk about our state, unions, and protesting around here, as well, it figures a boy's imagine might be sparked to start his own revolution.

Here was a recent draft of "Constitution of House":

All men can express free will.  There will be only one in charge.  Video game times will be increased. (Jack's contribution)                                        Staying up more often.  More pajama days.  Be able to sell more toys.  Getting more toys. (Lena's contribution)                             

All people have one vote but there is still one leader and one vice-leader. Meals shall be eaten in full with compliments to the chef. Siblings must and shall play peacefully and with joy together, mostly outside. (Jenny's contribution)                                        Christmas music after Nov. 20. Everyone shall play outside when the weather warrants. (Paul's contribution)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful lesson and I agree with Lena for more Pajama Days! It is nice to give everyone a voice and still have a leader. Loved the pictures from Feb.21 - all looked happy and content. Janenne