Friday, March 18, 2011

Buena Vista Social Club

Looking back at my calendar from a recent week, I’m thinking to myself, “If people think our kids are not socialized, they should take a look at our calendar!”

Last week we had: a birthday party, an open house, a day out shopping at the mall, lunch at a restaurant, Awana, lunch at friends, play date at a new friends house, play date at our house, lunch at Dad’s work, Bible study at our house, zoo class, and lunch with grandparents.

Whew…tired just remembering it!! That is an unusual week for us, but we sort of had some social dates crammed together, I think, due to the week were on vacation and the week we were recovering from illness.

It could also be a harbinger of things to come now that spring is really on it’s way. Getting out and about gets easier as we count down the 64 days left of school!!

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