Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swapping Beds

It's been nights of swapping beds here at the Scout Road.  Between colds, coughs, and thunderstorms, we've had regular and frequent rounds of movement in all hours of the night.

The first night we had a storm roll through, it was still before 9 pm and Jack & Paul were gone.  When the littles started shrieking at the latest thunder booms rolling through, I gathered them into our bed where we three promptly fell asleep.  It was nearer to 8 than 9, I'll admit.  It was a very cozy feeling though, with one babe on each arm settling down and listening to the storm as it lessened in intensity.  Between the corn fields and the echo of the upstairs, thunder sounds really loud around here!

As a Mom who is usually ready to "call it a day" as soon as the kids' bedtime hits, I was mentally prepared to give up my quiet time to kids in need.  It helped that a) there was nothing on tv b) I had no new books or knitting to accomplish and c) I knew that as storms might be rolling through, it would be wise not to invest myself in something from which I didn't want to be interrupted.

Here's hoping to a quiet night on all fronts!

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