Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday Girl Dreams

Wednesday nights are always late ones around here with Awana....therefore Thursday mornings always start slow.  I kind of like it, actually.  Murphy's Law would say that it would be hard to get them back around to school, but not so.  Jack (being an extreme creature of habit like me) eventually gets around to table time without being asked.  With Lena, we have friends coming over this afternoon, and she knows she must be done with personal grooming (ha!), chores, and table time/reading if she wants to have part in the merry making.  For some reason, this unusual morning free time leads to lots of peaceful play between the three (like, they are being EXTRA good so they don't get sent to work!!).

This morning as Jack & Lena were lying on the couch next to each other (I know, NEVER happens peacefully!!), she thought to have him help her write a birthday wish list. 

Can you tell where her ideas stopped and his took over???  How this makes me laugh!  Can't you just hear him?  "Lena, don't you want a Pokemon game for your DS?"  "Jack, I don't have a DS, YOU DO!!".

*(picture of unicorn pillow pet) LITTLE
*Pokemon Pearl Vershion
*Bakugan Battle Trainer
*Jepe BaRBe
*(picture of a watch)

Did you spot the handwriting change???

I love how KAT is crossed out to be spelled correctly.

Most of you who check in on the Scout Road, I know, have already bought little Lena her birthday present. But, wanted to share this cute list, anyway....

Well, sounds from the play room are becoming less peaceful....intervention necessary.

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