Friday, April 29, 2011


(last warm day)

I've finally figured out why it's been such a cold spring!  If we've had a promised day of warmth and sun more often than once every three weeks, we surely would have let our summer fever take over and played hooky more often.
As it is, we started our homeschool day with a history lesson by watching Kate & William tie the knot.  We got some fabulous views of Victoria's statue along with Buckingham Palace.  (Note...the recent movie about Queen Victoria with Emily Blunt is a dry but well done movie.)

We finished up table time with the help of cinnamon + coffee for me.

Next we're onto a picnic and hike with friends at the local state park.

There is lots of talk about birthdays going on, as you can imagine.  I'm carefully wading into our busiest/craziest/sugariest month of the year...May... with great hopes of a centered and routine'd start to each day on my part, and then going with the flow as each day progresses.  Structure + Flexibility = Happy Mom = Happy Kids.
(eating out makes us ALL happy for some reason, too)

As a recap for the week:
Jack successfully used the word "symbiotic" in a casual conversation with me.
(Easter box goodies)

Lena's favorite words for this week are crunchy and picnic (pronounced pik-a-nik, think Yogi Bear).
(face painting with friends)

PJ needs a haircut.
(play-doh at the "big counter")

Happy weekend with whatever sunshine you can find!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and need to reset my screen saver with this last one. What wonderful times you all have. Love, Janenne