Monday, April 11, 2011

Full Circle

This past Saturday I did two things so reminiscent of my own Mother that I wore my turtle necklace this weekend in honor of her.  Here are just two examples:

#1.  Vacuumed the couch while the kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons.  How annoying is that?

#2.  Screamed like a lunatic at a sporting event.  Yeah, this gal, and I'm not even 40 yet!!

Luckily, I picked up a lot of good habits from Mom, too.  Here are just two examples:

#1.  Doubled the icing on a favorite cake recipe because you really need that 2:1 ration of icing to cake, then saving a bowl of icing for the kids and I to taste test before the cake is really done.

#2.  Working like a fiend in the garden on a Sunday afternoon while listening to the Brewers trounce the Cubbies.  Go Brew Crew!!.

Thanks Mom, for passing along the good with the bizarre!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jenny what wonderful traits to pick up from your mom - both the good and bad have great memories! You made me smile for the day.
Love, Janenne