Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sky Is the Limit?

It's so funny this journey of homeschooling...we keep having "firsts" around this house which we've never encountered before.  For instance, after Awana drop off on Wednesday night I did my coffee run/grocery trip/library checkout.  At the library, I REACHED THE LIMIT!  That's right, the nice librarian actually had to override a book so that I could check out one over the SEVENTY-FIVE item limit!! 

Paul found it laughable.  I (knowing exactly how easy it is to go over that limit for a homeschooling no-curriculum buying family of 5) was quite impressed and have taken it now, as a status symbol of higher intellectualism.

That being said, I am staying very focused and positive of our teaching duties, due in part to many of the pro homeschool books I'm reading for myself.  If you are a homeschooler or think you might like to play one on t.v., then keep posted on the "current books I'm reading" at the blog bottom for good suggestions.  Some, obviously, are better written than others, but all have provided me at least one good "quotable" which I've recorded for future reference.